Sarah Hawke (March 2016-January 2021)

“We have had a professional working relationship with Angela for over twelve years and for part of this period of time contracted with her to carry out Regulation 44 monitoring visits for our children’s home. Angela is very experienced and knowledgable as regards to the needs and life experiences of vulnerable young people children and monitoring/inspecting that regulatory requirements are being met in the care that they receive. She is extremely competent and skilled at advising and guiding leadership teams as to how they can develop and improve their services thus ensuring these impact positively on children’s lives and experiences in care. Angela is diligent, has excellent knowledge of her field of expertise and not afraid to challenge in a constructive manner if she finds there are areas that need to be strengthened and/or improved in an organisation. We are pleased to recommend her as both a management consultant and experienced social care practitioner for young people and children.’

Sarah Hawke June 2021

“Angela has been our independent visitor carrying out the monthly Regulation 44 visit for Owlswick for the last two years. We have developed a positive professional working relationship together and she has got to know the staff and young people.”

“As well as completing a comprehensive monitoring report which checks Owlswick’s adherence to regulatory requirement, Angela provides constructive and informed feedback regarding our working practice, policies and procedures. This is used by our care staff to consider how to make continuous improvement as well as ensuring that the young people who live with us receive the highest possible quality of care. ”

“Angela is thorough, knowledgeable and approachable and we are happy to recommend her as an Independent Visitor”.

Sarah Hawke 2016