Sara Milner (2012-2017)

“Angela has helped us to enhance our QA system and promote safe practise. We now have improved monitoring to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of our service and assist in on-going service development and improvement. ”

“A new Regulation 33 reporting format has been implemented by Cornerways which has been adapted and utilises parts of Angela’s format. Angela completes Regulation 33 visits and reports quarterly for our 2 children’s homes within required timescales and to a good standard using her own recording format. This was adapted to fit better with our service procedure and practise. At my request Angela added in monitoring of specific National Minimum Standards and included more evaluation in her second reports.”

“I received positive feedback about Angela’s interaction with staff and young people; she put both at ease and has been able to ascertain their views about the quality of care provided or received and any strengths or difficulties.”

“Angela provided support regarding the development of a new Regulation 34 reporting and evaluation format to meet Ofsted expectations and requirements. Our Managers are kept on their toes! “

“Quarterly Regulation 33 monitoring visits by a totally independent child care consultant compliments and enhances other monitoring visits by the Responsible Individual by ensuring greater transparency, objectivity and a fresh, alternative perspective on the quality of care provided. Angela has helped us provide greater credibility. Ofsted have recently reported positively about our Regulation 33 reports: ‘monitoring reports are detailed and again have developed over the last few months. They provide an excellent report for the service and Ofsted to gain a clear overview of how the service is functioning”.

“Angela also provided supplementary free advice and guidance on the key changes from the new inspection framework and evaluation schedule which was helpful. Achieving Greater… has provided value for money; I am very satisfied that Angela did everything asked of her and I recommend her services to other social care providers”.