Children’s Home registration (Sept 2019 – February 2021)

  • Advised and supported A & S Children’s Services Ltd to gain a successful registration with Ofsted after initially having been refused. This involved ensuring that the right person was found to manage the home, reviewing policies and procedures to ensure they were of a good standard and the systems/people in place were robust enough for Ofsted to feel secure in granting registration.

 Children’s Home Registration (Southend) (July 17-ongoing)

  • Providing on-going support and advice to move into the children’s residential care sector achieve Ofsted registration.

Children’s Home Registration (Sunderland) (Sept 2017)  

  • Advised and assisted with their residential care registration with Ofsted.

Children’s Home Registration (London) (2015-2016) 

  • Advised and assisted with their residential care registration with Ofsted.

(please see a testimonial from the Director)

Children’s Home Registration (Halifax) (2016-2018) 

  • Advised and assisted with their residential care registration with Ofsted.
  • Provided mentoring sessions to the Responsible Individual.
  • Provided ongoing support to the company Director.

Residential Special School (Kent) (January 2012 – July 2014)  

  • Provided advice and assistance with their residential care registration (Children’s Home) with Ofsted.
  • Designed/delivered bespoke staff training (Children’s homes Regulation and National Minimum Standards).
  • Carried out a full audit in line with the National Minimum Standards and Ofsted’s evaluation schedule for children’s homes in preparation for their first Ofsted inspection as a children’s home. Provided feedback and an evidence based report, highlighting strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement.

Children’s Home Registration  (London) (Sept 2013 – Feb 2014) 

  • Assisted with the ‘fit person’ aspect of Ofsted’s registration process for children’s homes.
  • Achieving Greater is currently assisting other potential children’s home providers with the Ofsted/CQC registration process.