Policy Review

Semi-independent living (Devon)   (Nov 18 – April 19)

  • Provided assistance with preparation for a local authority provider tender interview process.
  • Provided advise and support with policy review process.


Children’s Home (Kent) (May 2018)

  • Desk top review and update of some policies and procedures i.e. statement of purpose, safeguarding, complaints, handling allegations, recruitment.


Semi-independent living  (Devon) (Dec 2017)

  • Reviewed and improved the location risk assessment and impact risk assessment for young people.

(please see a testimonial from the Director on my website)


Residential Special School  (Kent) (Jan 2012- July 2014)

  • Assisted in developing a children’s home Statement of Purpose and Children’s Guide.
  • Assisted in developing job descriptions for a children’s Home Registered Manager.
  • Assisted in reviewing policies and procedures to be fit for purpose for children’s home.


Children’s Home (East Sussex) (2011-2012)

  • Reviewed and amended a children’s home Statement of Purpose.
  • Produced a Regulation 34 recrdoing tool.
  • Produced a Schedule 5 (significant Events and Notifications) monitoring record.
  • Produced a self-evaluation recording tool and assisted with the process.
  • Assist with submitting concerns and complaint to Ofsted regarding inspection.


Children’s Home (Kent) (May 2011)

  • Carried out an audit of policies, procedures & care plans in line the new National Minimum Standards and evaluation schedule for children’s homes.
  • Provided feedback and advice on areas for improvement.
  • Provided a Regulation 34 format/tool to assist in quality assurance processes.


Achieving Greater is currently assisting potential new children’s home providers in developing and reviewing policies and procedures required for Ofsted registration.