Ofsted Inspector Comments for Cornerways Children’s Services – Woodend children’s home

“Reports from independent monitoring visits in relation to Regulation 44 are strong and provide a good overview of the current service and young people’s progress, while providing critical oversight.” (23/7/15)

“Internal monitoring arrangements are rigorous and visits by an independent visitor, who reports monthly on the service being provided, are very effective. This means the quality of care that young people receive is under constant scrutiny and continually being improved.” (6/11/14)

“Regulation 33 reports are thorough identifying strengths and weakness within the home. Young people where possible are spoken to as part of the Regulation 33 visit.” (24/7/13)

“A childcare consultant conducts monthly, unannounced monitoring visits in line with Regulation 33. Subsequent monitoring reports are detailed and have again developed over the last few months. They provide an excellent report for the service and Ofsted to gain a clear overview of how the service is functioning. At the same time these monitoring systems act to identify strengths and weaknesses of the service and assist service development and improvement which can be seen in the home’s development plan.” (26/7/12)