Independent Monitoring

Headstart Care (March 2019–February 2021)

  • Carried out Regulation 44 monitoring visits to their 2 children’s homes and produced a report to be sent to Ofsted.
  • Ofsted inspection (Aug 2019) ‘Recording and monitoring systems have been reviewed and developed to better support the needs of the home. This has helped the registered manager to monitor the impact of the quality of care provided’.

Owlswick School and Home (2014- January 2021)

  • Carried out monthly Regulation 44 monitoring visit to their children home and produce a report to be sent to Ofsted.
  • Ofsted inspection (Oct 2014) ‘External monitoring takes place monthly with comprehensive reports that the manager and senior management team reflect on to ensure standards of care remain very good’.
  • Ofsted inspection (May 2015) ‘There is detailed monitoring of the quality of care undertaken by the external independent visitor’.
  • Ofsted inspection (Nov 2015) auditing of the service continues to be effective and inform future development plans. As a result a number of developments have taken place.’
  • Ofsted inspection (April 2016) ‘There is excellent management oversight. Auditing and monitoring are of the highest standard, from monthly independent 10 visitor reports through to detailed six-monthly quality assurance regulation 45 reports completed by the registered manager. In turn, these reports feed into the service‟s development plan and aid analysis of events’.

Cornerways Children’s Service (2012 to 2017)

  • Carried out monthly Regulation 44 monitoring to both of their children’s homes and produce a report to be sent to Ofsted.
  • Ofsted Inspection (July 2015) ‘reports from independent monitoring visits in relation to Regulation 44 are strong and provide a good overview of the current service and young people’s progress, while providing critical oversight.
  • Ofsted Inspection (Oct 2015) ‘the Registered Manager, along with the deputy managers, use independent monitoring under Regulation 44 to reflect on the service provided and to improve wherever possible’.

Children’s Home in East Sussex (2011 -2014)

  • Carried out Regulation 33 monitoring visits to the Children’s Home and sent a report to Ofsted. (2011 -2014). The home re-registered as an adult service with Care Quality Commission.