Craig Tucker (May 2019)

“Over the past 3 years Angela has been providing me with on-going support and advice in implementing, developing and expanding our residential provision for children and young people in the care sector.

Angela is helping Abiding Care and Support to build our reputation as professional, reliable and always caring.

Angela’s response and assistance has always been prompt and helpful. She helped me in recruiting knowledgeable and skilled people to join our team as the business continues to expand.

Angela carried out an audit of our semi-independent homes. This has shown placing authorities that we are dedicated in providing the best service possible for the young people we care for.

Angela’s interaction with staff and young people has been open and engaging.

Her input into the project has provided value for money. We are building a positive reputation for the service we are providing.

I would recommend Achieving Greater services to other social care providers because I have confidence that she would do a good job”.