A&S Children’s Services LTD (April 2021)

“Angela came in and helped my company through OFSTED registration. This a small reflection on how grateful we are for Angela’s help through this process.

It took me 2 years to complete the registration to open my Children’s Home. Initially we had recruited the wrong manager and had not completed sufficient background checks on him, along with that our policies and producers where incorrect, which delayed the whole process.

As a new company we were losing hope and faith in being able to make this business a success. I found Angela via the internet and she was an absolute god send, with her advice, constructive criticism, mentoring, and coaching we managed to pick ourselves up, and recruited a new manager. Angela then supported us in revising new policies and mentoring us for the fit person interviews, and initial OFSTED inspection. We successfully completed our registration and was granted opening of the Children’s home. This would not have been possible without her guidance, knowledge and support throughout the process. Angela really knows what she is doing and is a great asset to anyone in the field who needs help”.

Thank you

A&S Children’s Services LTD  (April 2021)

Sarah Hawke (June 2021)

“We have had a professional working relationship with Angela for over twelve years and for part of this period of time contracted with her to carry out Regulation 44 monitoring visits for our children’s home. Angela is very experienced and knowledgable as regards to the needs and life experiences of vulnerable young people children and monitoring/inspecting that regulatory requirements are being met in the care that they receive. She is extremely competent and skilled at advising and guiding leadership teams as to how they can develop and improve their services thus ensuring these impact positively on children’s lives and experiences in care. Angela is diligent, has excellent knowledge of her field of expertise and not afraid to challenge in a constructive manner if she finds there are areas that need to be strengthened and/or improved in an organisation. We are pleased to recommend her as both a management consultant and experienced social care practitioner for young people and children”.

Sarah Hawke

Valerie Tulloch (Nov 2020)

“Angela was commissioned to undertake an independent review on behalf of a home that had been issued with a Proposal of Notice to Cancel their registration. She was able to respond swiftly and demonstrated an excellent understanding of Ofsted and regulatory issues. Her thorough and comprehensive report contributed to a successful outcome for the home”.

Craig Tucker (May 2019)

“Over the past 3 years Angela has been providing me with on-going support and advice in implementing, developing and expanding our residential provision for children and young people in the care sector.

Angela is helping Abiding Care and Support to build our reputation as professional, reliable and always caring.

Angela’s response and assistance has always been prompt and helpful. She helped me in recruiting knowledgeable and skilled people to join our team as the business continues to expand.

Angela carried out an audit of our semi-independent homes. This has shown placing authorities that we are dedicated in providing the best service possible for the young people we care for.

Angela’s interaction with staff and young people has been open and engaging.

Her input into the project has provided value for money. We are building a positive reputation for the service we are providing.

I would recommend Achieving Greater services to other social care providers because I have confidence that she would do a good job”.


Travis Birch (December 2017)

“My business was on the verge of closure. Angela helped the company back from the dead! My business has now gone from surviving to thriving. Angela’s service has helped me to continue in business. I found Angela’s approach very friendly and professional. The service provided priceless value for money. I recommend Angela’s service to other social care providers simply because she is very effective at her job”.

Jonathan Charles-Brady (Oct 2016)

“We were extremely satisfied with the consultancy services Angela provided us. As a new provider, we wanted to ensure our key policies and procedures were accurate and comprehensive before we submitted them to Ofsted as part of our registration process. Angela reviewed our policies and procedures and provided detailed feedback and recommendations.”

“Angela was very easy to work with; providing prompt responses and completing work within agreed timescales and a clear payment structure. Angela was able to answers our queries with clear and informative explanations. On one occasion a particular aspect of the Ofsted requirements were not clear due to recent amendments. Angela was able to contact Ofsted directly and clarify exactly what was required from us. “

“Ofsted approved our application and commented on the high quality of our policies and procedures. I would not hesitate to use Angela’s services again, and would highly recommend her to other providers.”

Training feedback

Testimonials from Training feedback, from trainees:

“Very full day. I would have liked another one only because of Angela knowledge was of great help to me”.
“I spoke to many of my colleagues about the day and all that I did speak to found the day very helpful. Thank you Angela”.
“Very helpful day- thank you”.
“Angela’s knowledge of the subject area was excellent. The amount of material covered and the interaction encouraged was just right”.

Policy Review

Semi-independent living (Devon)   (Nov 18 – April 19)

  • Provided assistance with preparation for a local authority provider tender interview process.
  • Provided advise and support with policy review process.


Children’s Home (Kent) (May 2018)

  • Desk top review and update of some policies and procedures i.e. statement of purpose, safeguarding, complaints, handling allegations, recruitment.


Semi-independent living  (Devon) (Dec 2017)

  • Reviewed and improved the location risk assessment and impact risk assessment for young people.

(please see a testimonial from the Director on my website)


Residential Special School  (Kent) (Jan 2012- July 2014)

  • Assisted in developing a children’s home Statement of Purpose and Children’s Guide.
  • Assisted in developing job descriptions for a children’s Home Registered Manager.
  • Assisted in reviewing policies and procedures to be fit for purpose for children’s home.


Children’s Home (East Sussex) (2011-2012)

  • Reviewed and amended a children’s home Statement of Purpose.
  • Produced a Regulation 34 recrdoing tool.
  • Produced a Schedule 5 (significant Events and Notifications) monitoring record.
  • Produced a self-evaluation recording tool and assisted with the process.
  • Assist with submitting concerns and complaint to Ofsted regarding inspection.


Children’s Home (Kent) (May 2011)

  • Carried out an audit of policies, procedures & care plans in line the new National Minimum Standards and evaluation schedule for children’s homes.
  • Provided feedback and advice on areas for improvement.
  • Provided a Regulation 34 format/tool to assist in quality assurance processes.


Achieving Greater is currently assisting potential new children’s home providers in developing and reviewing policies and procedures required for Ofsted registration.


Children’s Home registration (Sept 2019 – February 2021)

  • Advised and supported A & S Children’s Services Ltd to gain a successful registration with Ofsted after initially having been refused. This involved ensuring that the right person was found to manage the home, reviewing policies and procedures to ensure they were of a good standard and the systems/people in place were robust enough for Ofsted to feel secure in granting registration.

 Children’s Home Registration (Southend) (July 17-ongoing)

  • Providing on-going support and advice to move into the children’s residential care sector achieve Ofsted registration.

Children’s Home Registration (Sunderland) (Sept 2017)  

  • Advised and assisted with their residential care registration with Ofsted.

Children’s Home Registration (London) (2015-2016) 

  • Advised and assisted with their residential care registration with Ofsted.

(please see a testimonial from the Director)

Children’s Home Registration (Halifax) (2016-2018) 

  • Advised and assisted with their residential care registration with Ofsted.
  • Provided mentoring sessions to the Responsible Individual.
  • Provided ongoing support to the company Director.

Residential Special School (Kent) (January 2012 – July 2014)  

  • Provided advice and assistance with their residential care registration (Children’s Home) with Ofsted.
  • Designed/delivered bespoke staff training (Children’s homes Regulation and National Minimum Standards).
  • Carried out a full audit in line with the National Minimum Standards and Ofsted’s evaluation schedule for children’s homes in preparation for their first Ofsted inspection as a children’s home. Provided feedback and an evidence based report, highlighting strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement.

Children’s Home Registration  (London) (Sept 2013 – Feb 2014) 

  • Assisted with the ‘fit person’ aspect of Ofsted’s registration process for children’s homes.
  • Achieving Greater is currently assisting other potential children’s home providers with the Ofsted/CQC registration process.


Staff Training and supervision

Supervision of Registered Manager (East Sussex) (June 2016 – July 2018) 

  • Provided monthly face to face supervision to manager of children’s home.
  • Provided record of supervision notes.


Mentoring of Responsible Individual (Halifax)  (Oct 2018- 2019) 

  • Provided mentoring sessions to the Responsible Individual via telephone.


Children’s Home  (Brighton) (April 2017)

  • Development and delivery of bespoke training on notification of serious events.


Residential Special School  (Kent)  (May 2013)

  • Designed and delivered bespoke staff training (Children’s homes Regulations and National Minimum Standards).

Feedback from Trainees

  • “Very full day. I would have liked another one only because of Angela knowledge was of great help to me”.
  • “I spoke to many of my colleagues about the day and all that I did speak to found the day very helpful. Thank you Angela”.
  • “Very helpful day- thank you”.
  • “Angela’s knowledge of the subject area was excellent. The amount of material covered and the interaction encouraged was just right”.