Valerie Tulloch (Nov 2020)

Angela was commissioned to undertake an independent review on behalf of a home that had been issued with a Proposal of Notice to Cancel their registration.

She was able to respond swiftly and demonstrated an excellent understanding of Ofsted and regulatory issues.

Her thorough and comprehensive report contributed to a successful outcome for the home.

Craig Tucker (May 2019)

Over the past 3 years Angela has been providing me with on-going support and advice in implementing, developing and expanding our residential provision for children and young people in the care sector.

Angela is helping Abiding Care and Support to build our reputation as professional, reliable and always caring.

Angela’s response and assistance has always been prompt and helpful. She helped me in recruiting knowledgeable and skilled people to join our team as the business continues to expand.

Angela carried out an audit of our semi-independent homes. This has shown placing authorities that we are dedicated in providing the best service possible for the young people we care for.

Angela’s interaction with staff and young people has been open and engaging.

Her input into the project has provided value for money. We are building a positive reputation for the service we are providing.

I would recommend Achieving Greater services to other social care providers because I have confidence that she would do a good job.

Travis Birch (December 2017)

My business was on the verge of closure. Angela helped the company back from the dead! My business has now gone from surviving to thriving. Angela’s service has helped me to continue in business. I found Angela’s approach very friendly and professional. The service provided priceless value for money. I recommend Angela’s service to other social care providers simply because she is very effective at her job.

Jonathan Charles-Brady (Oct 2016)

“We were extremely satisfied with the consultancy services Angela provided us. As a new provider, we wanted to ensure our key policies and procedures were accurate and comprehensive before we submitted them to Ofsted as part of our registration process. Angela reviewed our policies and procedures and provided detailed feedback and recommendations.”

“Angela was very easy to work with; providing prompt responses and completing work within agreed timescales and a clear payment structure. Angela was able to answers our queries with clear and informative explanations. On one occasion a particular aspect of the Ofsted requirements were not clear due to recent amendments. Angela was able to contact Ofsted directly and clarify exactly what was required from us. “

“Ofsted approved our application and commented on the high quality of our policies and procedures. I would not hesitate to use Angela’s services again, and would highly recommend her to other providers.”

Sarah Hawke (March 2016-ongoing)

“Angela has been our independent visitor carrying out the monthly Regulation 44 visit for Owlswick for the last two years. We have developed a positive professional working relationship together and she has got to know the staff and young people.”

“As well as completing a comprehensive monitoring report which checks Owlswick’s adherence to regulatory requirement, Angela provides constructive and informed feedback regarding our working practice, policies and procedures. This is used by our care staff to consider how to make continuous improvement as well as ensuring that the young people who live with us receive the highest possible quality of care. ”

“Angela is thorough, knowledgeable and approachable and we are happy to recommend her as an Independent Visitor”.

Peter Jones (January 2016)

“following a difficult Ofsted inspection at one of our care homes after which we were downgraded, we enlisted Angela’s help to formulate an action plan in preparation for the re-inspection.

We were dealing with some significant procedural changes which needed to be resolved in a very short timescale, and subsequently communicated to the staff team”.

“Angela was a great help in applying her knowledge of the Quality Standards and Regulations to our planning, showing great commitment to our cause during what was a fraught time, with the outcome being a vastly improved Ofsted grading and consequently I would highly-recommend Angela’s services to other users.”

Ofsted Inspector Comments for Owlswick Children’s School and Home

“auditing of the service continues to be effective and inform future development plans. As a result a number of developments have taken place”. (26/11/15)

‘There is detailed monitoring of the quality of care undertaken by the external independent visitor”. (21/5/15) 

“External monitoring takes place monthly with comprehensive reports that the manager and senior management team reflect on to ensure standards of care remain very good.” (23/10/14) 

Ofsted Inspector Comments for Cornerways Children’s Services – Woodend children’s home

“Reports from independent monitoring visits in relation to Regulation 44 are strong and provide a good overview of the current service and young people’s progress, while providing critical oversight.” (23/7/15)

“Internal monitoring arrangements are rigorous and visits by an independent visitor, who reports monthly on the service being provided, are very effective. This means the quality of care that young people receive is under constant scrutiny and continually being improved.” (6/11/14)

“Regulation 33 reports are thorough identifying strengths and weakness within the home. Young people where possible are spoken to as part of the Regulation 33 visit.” (24/7/13)

“A childcare consultant conducts monthly, unannounced monitoring visits in line with Regulation 33. Subsequent monitoring reports are detailed and have again developed over the last few months. They provide an excellent report for the service and Ofsted to gain a clear overview of how the service is functioning. At the same time these monitoring systems act to identify strengths and weaknesses of the service and assist service development and improvement which can be seen in the home’s development plan.” (26/7/12)

Ofsted Inspector Comments for Cornerways Children’s Services – The White House children’s home

“Reports produced by the independent visitor in line with Regulation 44 are comprehensive. They identify many areas of good practice and the areas for improvement. The Registered Manager uses these in addition to their regular monitoring to evaluative the effectiveness of the service and form the development plan”. (21/3/16)

“Regulation 33 reports are sound and provide good monitoring and evaluation of the home, including the views of young people”. (2/7/13)

“A childcare consultant conducts monthly, unannounced monitoring visits in line with Regulation 33. Subsequent monitoring reports are sufficiently detailed. These monitoring systems act to identify strengths and weaknesses of the service and assist service development and improvement”. (29/5/12)


Greg Rampley (August 2012)

“Angela shows flexibility and adaptability within the roles she undertakes within Jemini Response to meet the expectations of a Bank staff member. Angela has a positive approach to the vulnerable adults in our care, ensuring that support is delivered to a high standard with clear boundaries and expectations. ”

“I have witnessed Angela respectfully and safely support residents in crisis, utilising a Team approach, appealing to the residents strengths and interests whilst ensuring Best Interests of the individual are considered. Feedback from the team indicates that Angela is a popular, dependable and respected team mate.”

“Angela has proven herself very capable in meeting and working within the ethos of the company, able to seek clarification or refer to paperwork if requiring clarification. Angela accepts guidance and direction well (from Senior and more experienced staff) and implements, effectively any elements of constructive feedback”.