Compliance Notices

Compliance and Re-inspection

Children’s Home in Liverpool (September 2015)

Achiever Greater provided advice and assistance following an Ofsted inspection that resulted in an inadequate judgement and receiving compliance notices. The home was re-inspected by Ofsted and the service provision was judged as ‘good. Angela Gunning was informed that the Ofsted Inspectors were complimentary about the quick response and all the work done to achieve this outcome.

Aspects of the work included:

  • Planning and preparing for the audit visit to the home.
  • Assistance in the development/review of the Ofsted compliance action plan.
  • Carry out 2 day audit visit at the home.
  • Supporting and checking progress and completion of work to meet Quality Standards/requirements highlighted in Ofsted inspection and compliance notices.
  • Provided evidenced based verbal and written feedback for improvement in line with Ofsted inspection framework and evaluation criteria.

Children’s Home in Kent (February 2015 – April 2015)

Achieving Greater provided advice and assistance following an Ofsted inspection that resulted in an inadequate judgement and receiving compliance notices. The re-inspection (26/3/15) resulted in the overall effectiveness of the home being rated as Good. The Inspector commented that ‘prompt action has been taken to address shortfalls and areas requiring improvement following the last inspection. And actions taken have been far-reaching, proportionate and effective, significantly improving the outcomes for young people and promoting their welfare.

Aspects of the work included:

  • Reviewing key documents pertaining to the Ofsted inspection.
  • Visits to the children’s home and provide feedback to the Responsible Individual.
  • Assisted with Ofsted compliance notices to develop an action plan.
  • Provided other assistance to facilitate the progression of compliance with Ofsted re-inspection.
  • Organised and chaired structured meetings at the children’s home.
  • Monitored and reviewed compliance with Ofsted inspection requirements.
  • Supported and checked the completion and progress of work in-line with the action plan sent to Ofsted.
  • Investigated the anomalies between Regulation 33 findings/reports and the Ofsted Inspectors findings.
  • Carried out a mock Ofsted suitable person interviews for prospective managers.
  • Provided on-going feedback, advice and assistance to the Responsible Individual.