Change Management

Children’s Homes Provider (Kent) (May 2013-Sept 2013)

Achieving Greater assisted with a change and improvement project. Angela was asked to carry out an audit in one of the organisation’s children’s homes and to use this as a magnifying glass to give a wider view of organisational issues. The brief was to help with improvement to organisational systems, process and structures and to make recommendations (including on cultural and management issues).

A full audit in line with the National Minimum Standards and Ofsted’s evaluation schedule for children’s homes was carried out. Feedback and an evidence based report, highlighting strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement was provided. This provided advice and suggestions for improvement across the organisation. The audit carried out gave the organisation a clearer picture of where they stood in meeting Ofsted’s inspection regime.

Part of the brief and criteria for establishing the success of the project was that the organisation improves consistency in achieving good Ofsted inspection outcomes. Following the change and improvement process all of the children’s homes received a positive inspection outcome and were judged to be ‘good’ by Ofsted. The homes that were previously rated as inadequate were rated as ‘good’ and made good or satisfactory progress.

Through this change and improvement project Achieving Greater identified there was a lack of clarity and understanding around significant events and notifications to appropriate authorities (Ofsted). The interpretation of Schedule 5 with regards to child protection appeared to be a grey area and varying amongst providers. Achieving Greater… provided support and guidance with this issue to enable a change to Ofsted’s national policy regarding child protection notifications. Ofsted then sent out a guidance note to all social care providers so that there was clarification and clear expectations for all social care providers.